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Well, so much for "trying to get into journalling again", since I haven't posted since last summer. Sigh. Still, it's never too late to try again. I did finally get a new laptop (a macbook pro), which is amazing and lets me take notes in class like a FIEND, which I have never been able to successfully do before this computer, and I love it.

Unfortunately, my time is extremely limited these days. I am taking 4 classes through SCSU (an hour's commute away), working 30+ hours a week, and mostly trying to hold it together. My dog is becoming a big ball of stress; she nearly bit an 8-year-old at my little brother's birthday party last weekend. I am a big ball of stress, so I am aware it is my fault for transferring it to her. I am having trouble finding things in my life to cut out, however, to make my stress levels decrease.

I could cut my hours at work, but management has already demeaned me for being "so part time" and I (and my family) really need the money. I do like the idea of my job, I am still overjoyed that I am working with DOGS, and I am finally starting to like 90% of my coworkers (I even met one of them at the dog park a couple of weeks ago, which was the thrilling social event of the month, I can tell you), so I don't want to quit. However, some of the changes implemented by the new management, as well as the negative long-term behavioural observations I've been making of the dogs that come regularly to day camp and for boarding, are causing me to have moral/ethical issues with it.

The point is, my job is no longer solely for the sake of bringing in money. It has become a bigger part of my life than my schooling, in terms of time spent and emotional investment. I feel lucky to have a job like this, but it is so frustrating sometimes that I know it is really adding to my stress level. Hopefully when this semester is over I will be able to relax, since at least then when I have a day off from work, it actually will be a day off (as opposed to the current situation, where my only days off work are days I commute to school, and even then I sometimes must come home and do an evening shift).

Finally, I believe I am going to apply for the Masters of Geographic Information Systems at SCSU. I may decide not to finish the program and leave with the Masters Certificate instead, but it gives me the option of perhaps finding an earth science related project and writing a thesis about it. Plus, if I actually receive a M.Sc. in GIS, I would be highly employable on both sides of the 'pond' and could possibly make my ambitions to relocate to the UK more achievable. Then again, I have a long history of copping out and usually have trouble with the follow-through to these grand schemes I dream up. We shall see.
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